Each time your brand interacts with customer, it builds the brand experience.

The interactions include wide range of activities. From purchase, newsletter, advertisement, support ticket or just simple web site visit. What is takeout for your brand?

measure constantly
analyse in real-time
deliver impact

What is Smart Profiler

Smart Profiler is a Software Platform for systematic customer profiling.

It provides and enables – while minimizing customer disruption:

  • instant and integrated customer feedback based on predefined indicators
  • advanced reporting system that enables in-depth insights
  • CRM system automatically captures predefined information about customer at the right time and add this information in CRM system for data analytics

What makes us
best choice

We derive from market research.


Top-noch in:

  • devolping and upgrading software for surveying and panel management
  • knowing best how to process, analyse and use data/results
  • data analytics
  • creating best dashboards form use/content perspective
  • Smart Profiler is partnered with world leading communication platform infobip_logo
    Infobip is utilizing OMNI solution enhancing its Smart Profiler palette with engaging real-time response functionalities. It ensures that all Smart Profiler invitation messages are delivered across Any Channel, Device and Location Worldwide.