Measure potential of your growth.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

is an internationally recognized and widely used indicator for assessing the effects of activities on brand:

  • NPS acts as the central growth indicator or potential for growth and volume of operations.
  • If the NPS of the target brand is higher than its competitors, this brand is more likely to outperform competing brands in the buyer’s funnel.
  • It directly measures the potential of brand promotions within customer/user social networks.
  • It is a earned source of promotion for the brands services/products that results in positive WOM.
  • It represents essential of the brand’s equity element.
The basic idea is simple. After each relevant event your customer receives NPS question and answers.
See the process flow in how it works.

HOW it works

Build relationship with your customers, measure their satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)

is compound and robust performance indicator for tracking customer satisfaction over time and benchmarking and among service segments.

The customer periodically or at certain milestone receives invitation to answer 5-10 short and to the point questions. You define at which touch-points or occasions and can get clear insight on how you perform and where to make improvements. Achieve customer relationship excellence.
Feedback flow is simple.

HOW it works

What makes your employee truly engaged at work?

Employee Feedback

Why wait for annual interview if many things can resolve during the way. Get real-time feedback from your employees, give feedback back to your employees.
Evaluate engagement of your employees thru the way. Higher engagement builds up organisational culture, and makes your company more productive.

HOW it works

Smart Profiler PRO

Make your customer data work for you.


Insufficient data quality

For over a third of global marketers, insufficient data quality is the most challenging obstacle to marketing automation success.

Increased lead generation

Almost half of them see increasing lead generation as one of their most important marketing automation objectives.


Marketing solutions bring promise to drive growth, increase lead conversion and enable better targeting.

Smart Profiler is fulfilling this promise “real-time” – it brings addressable leads to be immediately converted.


Fill-in the gaps

Resolve inconsistent data.
Check and verify suspicious data.

Improve data quality

Fill-in missing data.
Update data.

Enrich the profiles

Add personal attributes.
Add marketing indicators.

Points of contact (multichannel)
Predefined indicators and rules
AfterSmart profiles