Smart Profiler Feedback
How it works

The automated product or service evaluation process


In CRM system the trigger interaction is marked.

The CRM sends trigger to Smart Profiler System.


Smart profiler sends invitation to participate thru invite delivery system.


Customer opens single or few questions form and answers. 15 seconds to 2 minutes questionnaire.


All filled forms returned to Smart Profiler for real-time on-line reporting system and as raw data back to Clients DB/CRM.

Smart Profiler PRO
How it works

Each touch point is an opportunity to get valuable insight.

Captures information at any point possible, when customer has identified interaction with us.


Measure in real-time, achieve high response rate, capture the right information at the right time and place.

Keep your customers happy

  • Address their individual needs and motives
  • Help them with decision journey
  • Personalize your messages with relevant data
  • Offer each customer exactly what he or she needs

Generate new leads

  • Capture their contacts smarter than ever
  • Keep in touch with them
  • Know them better every time
  • Get back with offer they can’t resist

Implementation of
Smart Profiler Feedback
is easy


Implementation of
Smart Profiler PRO